City Council

As a general-law city, Montebello operates through the Council - City Manager form of municipal government. The five City Council members are elected at large to overlapping terms of four years and annually select one of their members to serve as Mayor. The City Council is the legislative body responsible for the overall policies and direction for the City of Montebello. They are the citizens' representatives in local government. The City Council appoints residents to serve on several commissions.


Councilmember Cobos-Cawthorne 
Kimberly Ann Cobos-Cawthorne 


David Torres Angie Jimenez




Mayor Melendez   With Glasses
David N. Torres
Angie M. Jimenez

Scarlet Peralta

Salvador Melendez
Mayor Pro Tem Councilmember Councilmember Councilmember


Christopher Jimenez City Clerk
Rafael Gutierrez City Treasurer

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